Sunday, 13 April 2014

CSM elections - my voting recommendations


I'm a high sec PvPer and (alts) trader/industrialist.  Whom am I voting for this year?

1:  Mangala Solaris.   Yes, yes of course I'm voting for Mang, being in RvB and all that.  I still think he makes a very good choice for CSM 9.  He has experience.  He's a great communicator.  He creates a lot of content for EVE via RvB *and* the RvB Ganked roam (a public roam open to just about everyone).  Mang uses his access to the RvB community to consult about various things - and since RvB members have alts doing just about everything, it's a good sounding board.

2:  Sugar Kyle:  Sugar has mounted a very good campaign this year.  She shows strong signs of being able to deal with CCP well (mixture of agreeableness and good communications).   More importantly though, she's a very ardent advocate for lowsec.  Lowsec is an area of space I don't go to very often, but it's one that can be a lot of fun.  It's very unique - almost outside of empire control but also outside of *player* empire control too.  Yet it seems neglected by CCP.  Lowsec *needs* a CSM representative.   She's also a trader and an industrialist, making her a good choice for anyone interested in those businesses. 

3:  Mike Azariah:   Mike is another experienced CSM member and skilled communicator.  His focus is speaking up for the casual EVE player and the PVE player - the type of players that are often ignored.  These areas of the game clearly need some focus by CCP, and is perhaps the best high-sec representative we have.  We are all in this together... I think people who do nothing but mine or mission are a bit peculiar, but they help keep CCP afloat!

4:  Corbexx:  A short while ago RvB had a run in with NoHo, a strong wormhole alliance.  This could have ended pretty poorly for us but they were great sports and left a tremendous impression.  Of course, when I learned that their leader was running for CSM, I had to investigate.  Corbexx seems to be a strong communicator and very knowledgeable about the game.  CSM clearly needs at least one wormhole space representative.  POS are very important for wormhole life (and for industrialists too) so this is an area I can expect him to be vocal about.  He also does industry on the side, so another reason to vote for him.

5:  Mynnna:  I'll be honest.  I'm a bit... wary of the goons.  They have a tremendous influence over the game and their leadership is fiendishly clever.  But if any CFC candidate deserves to be in the CSM it is Mynnna.  He has a great understanding of the game economy and this expertise is needed.  He also was very active in CSM8. Besides, I almost killed him with a joke (choked on a sandwich) so I kind of owe him.

6:  Ali Aras:  A returning CSM member, she seems to have been tremendously effective.  I'm less familiar with her platform than I should be, but the near unanimous praise she has received as a CSM member indicates to me she deserves a second run.  I'll also note that she is in Noir, a well respected mercenary groups (ie, NOT a bunch of Jita campers) and that definitely is a perspective that deserves representation no?

7: Steve Ronuken:  A high-sec industrialist and developer of 3rd party tools and software.  His campaign focuses on these goals (less clicking!).  He's also very aware that some of the software implementations such as CREST could be abused to power bots, so having his input will be very helpful to CCP I believe.

8:  Matias Otero:   Matias created BNI, ie Brave Newbies, out of nothing.  This small group has grown, and grown, and grown and now has over 14 000 pilots.  Their focus is not isk/h, it is fun/h.  I like this focus, and I like the qualities it takes to make such a feat a reality.

9: corebloodbrothers:  He is the block candidate for Providence.  Providenc is player owned Nullsec, but it's different.  This is where people can go to "try" nullsec.  A lot of industry goes on there, and a lot of small groups.  It's a different perspective, and I think it deserves to be on the CSM.  It also bears to mention he's an experienced FC.

The main thing though... go and VOTE!  You have until April 22nd. Not voting will favour large nullsec blocks since they are organized and will get the vote out.  They have enough influence as it is no?

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