Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Industry change - perhaps a new type of extortion/scam?


So, apparently the 0-14% "tax" will be a system wide effect.  I had assumed that if Joe in POS A is running his small POS red hot he would  have paid more tax than Bob in his POS one moon over barely doing anything, but nope, they will all pay the same "tax" (this 0-14% value is now called the base installation cost).

This has all sorts of implications and strange effects, and really has to be thought about.  I'm not quite sure that it makes sense - using the example as before, why does Joe's action in his POS affect Bob?  They aren't competing for limited resources in an NPC station or anything like that.   It's also troubling that the POS costs haven't been ironed out yet.  It makes this feel rush and poorly thought out.  And poorly thought out systems in EVE have a history of having interesting things happen to them.

So... besides a zealous manufacturer ruining it for everyone else, what could happen?

Well, suppose I start flying around looking for system with low-ish installation costs. I find one with a few POSes that look to be active.  I dock in station, and start manufacturing *tons* of crap.  I don't really care about a profit here, as long as I'm breaking even I'm fine.  The in system activity is driven up and after a while the installation costs start going up sharply. Then I contact all those POS owners and tell them "listen, I'm having a grand old time making a gazillion tech 1 50 mm plate here, but I figured that perhaps it's cramping your style.  If you wouldn't mind paying me a small fee to cover my moving away expenses, I'll be on my way".

... and then you move to the next system over and start again.

I don't plan on doing this, and I'm not sure if it's even possible... but I did want to claim being the first to think of it ;)   Seriously though, if there is *any way* to game this system, it is guaranteed that someone will.

This is EVE, after all.


  1. An addendum to this - more generic food for thought:

    1: Jump fuel requirement has just been increased by 50%. This increases low/null shipping costs, but does not affect intra high-sec shipping.

    2: This is a hidden buff to lowsec - their systems are likely to be very quiet, thus low system costs. I'm not sure if it compensates the serious effects it will have on capital manufacture though

  2. i agree that these industry changes feel rushed and poorly tested. i predict a train wreck of epic proportions.